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I am a Chiropractor, and I do CrossFit.

There is a stigma surrounding CrossFit, especially in the healthcare world. Yes, if you perform a movement incorrectly and don’t have a proper form, you will get injured. This is why having good trainers and working with healthcare professionals is key.

CrossFit is INTENSE. CrossFit is FUN. CrossFit can be INTIMIDATING…but don’t let it be.

CrossFit Activity

CrossFit pushes your body to perform at its maximum ability, breaking the boundaries you’ve placed on yourself. It is not just for physical strength; it also challenges your mental capacity. You are pushing your mental boundaries of what holds you back, challenging limiting thoughts. Let it be hard. Push through the uncomfortableness and arrive on the other side, still standing, stronger than before!

Just by participating in CrossFit, you are showing how committed you are to your health and staying fit. CrossFit pushes you to perform at a high level. When you reach that limit, injuries are 100% possible. This is why you MUST take the steps to prevent injury and keep your body happy and healthy.

You may think going to a Chiropractor is only for getting an adjustment. However, we are much more than that! We understand how the body works inside and out, addressing limitations that you may not recognize. Regular chiropractic treatment increases overall performance by keeping your spine healthy and flexible, reducing compression on nerve roots and thus, allowing your muscles and joints to move with more fluid.

Pro Tips
  • Take time to warm up
  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Have a coach or therapist watch your movement
  • Practice! Practice proper form again and again
  • Learn to breathe through your diaphragm
  • Address any issues with your Chiropractor

We at Kataas Health and  Brute Force Training Center can help you reach your goals and perform your best. Cheers to good health!

Group of CrossFit participants