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Giannina Orozco, KATAS Integrative Health, offering Massage Therapy

Giannina Orozco

Giannina is a Fascial Stretch Therapist & Roll Model® Method Practitioner that focuses on healing though fascial manipulation. Inspired by coaches, fellow athletes and some of her own injuries a general curiosity was sparked on how to increase mobility. By sharing her passion of movement & healing through Fascial Stretch techniques, Giannina truly believes that pain should not limit your lifestyle and that healing comes from movement of your tissue, muscles & joints.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?
FST is a method of fast, effective & lasting manual therapy through assisted mobilization, stretching and active release techniques. It is an assisted deep tissue stretch with the goal of improving your overall flexibility of your muscles & connective tissues by focusing on the fascial lines that run throughout your body.

 What can you expect?
After a discussion of your chief concern, existing symptoms or performance issues, along with understanding your goals, the Fascial Stretch Therapist will make an assessment of your neuromyofascia and then take you through a sequence of assisted stretches to release the fascia and get you into a deeper stretch. You should see an improvement from your first stretch with increased range of motion. After a few sessions you can expect increased flexibility, decreased pain/discomfort and an enhanced performance in your athletic pursuits!

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LauraLouu Scannapieco

LauraLouu is a Registered 200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher that specializes in Vedic Thai Bodywork. 

 Inspired and motivated by physical movement and visual art, she will create artful shapes with your body through asana to inspire a deeper love of the self and to unleash your divine inspiration within! 

Through assisted yoga, the body is stretch in ways that are difficult to attain through individual exercies and yoga practice.  

Wearing comfortable clothing; you will be lying in restorative poses as LauraLouu guides and assist you in Thai Bodywork.  Using acupressure and massage like techniques as well as creating an aroma in the room with a stimulating essential oil blend results in a full-body Thai treatment  which is often  an exciting and powerful mind/body healing experience.  CBD Healthy Honeys Relief Cream will be applied, with permission.

A session definitely not to be missed

LauraaLouu Scannapieco Thai Bodywork at KATAS Integrative Health

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