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Welcome to Katas Integrative Health


Our clinic offers personalized lifestyle medicine focused on treating the whole person inside and out.

We offer a wide array of services including physical medicine, such as chiropractic and acupuncture, along with functional nutrition where we dive deep into your health history and current health concerns. Our in-office specialized lab testing and top of line Nutraceutical support are available to fit your every need.

 Are you searching for a program to help you find the root cause of your health issues? Are you in need of guidance in living a healthier lifestyle? Contact us today for a free 15-minute discovery call or check out our available programs here.

Our Approach

At Katas Integrative Health, we incorporate several methods of treatment to get you out of pain and feeling your best.  Our aim is to get to the root cause, rather than just treating the symptoms. 

Customized Care

During your consultation we will decide what the best route for your care will be, because we know everyone  has different needs.  Our method of treatment is comprehensive, looking at each person uniquely. 

Patient-Centered Model

Our goal is to get you out of discomfort and this involves digging deeper, looking at different causes of your symptoms. In our practice, nutrition is incorporated as a whole health approach to your wellness.

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Free Phone Consultation


I first met Kaitlyn when I booked my acupuncture sessions with her in April of 2018.  I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16 and since then it has been a struggle to regulate my menses. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 4&1/2 years to no avail so I decided to incorporate acupuncture. I was traveling for work and only had about three weeks with her but in that short amount of time she helped me exponentially.   I quickly came to find out I had struck gold in finding her because she is also a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She was able to address the route of just about every ailment of mine – my gut!  She spent countless hours on the phone with me, tirelessly explaining the need to adjust certain aspects of my diet and why. I just turned 40 yrs old and I cannot remember a time where I felt this good mentally & physically. I just recently found out I am 5 weeks pregnant for the first time and it was done naturally. A huge part of my success story is due to Kaitlyn’s knowledgeable support system. She is a rare gem and anyone should count their lucky stars to fall under her care!
K. Taylor