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KATAS Integrative Services New Patient Services

Our Patient Center answers your questions and prepares you for your visit.

Our Patient Portal allows you to: 

  • Fill out the initial intake form
  • Send direct messages to the Doctor
  • Keep track of your health records

Initial Intake Forms are also available for download

What To Expect During Your Visit

Initial Visit

At your initial consultation, Dr. Popp will review your history of present illness and health goals.  The goal of this process is to gather information, to educate you on the self-healing process and to explain how Dr. Popp will serve as a guide and teacher.  During your first visit, Dr. Popp will compile a list of initial recommendations based on your concerns and health priorities.

      Chiropractic (1hr) A physical examination will be performed specific to your condition, followed by treatment.

      Acupuncture (1hr):  Intake, pulse and tongue diagnosis, followed by treatment.

      Functional Medicine (1.5hr): We will take an in depth look at your health history, alongside your present symptoms.

Dr. Popp will get to know you, asking questions related to your current set of concerns, your body as a whole, past medical history, diet, lifestyle and mental/emotional health. She will also decide if any additional laboratory testing is necessary. 

First Follow-Up

At your first follow-up, Dr. Popp will go through your labs with you, taking time to explain what each result means and how it may relate to your health and concerns. 

Together, you will also review your progress to date from the initial visit.  Your first round of follow-up recommendations will be presented as an actionable and straightforward plan of how each recommendation fits in to your labs and concerns. 


Plan Maintenance Phase

Moving forward, Dr. Popp will determine what care plan is right for you, always with an eye toward fine-tuning your healing journey for best results.  There is no required minimum # of visits.  Each patient is different, requiring an individualized care plan.  Our goal is to guide you along on your health journey, putting the power into your hands to be the master of your own health.

Ongoing Care

After you have your immediate concerns addressed, it will be important to check in periodically to maintain the success you achieve and address any new concerns. Dr. Popp may also recommend re-checking certain laboratory parameters to check progress.

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KATAS Integrative Health Lab work review
KATAS Integrative Health Nutritional Counseling
KATAS Integrative Health Health counseling
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Lab Testing

Dr. Popp will utilize advanced lab testing, going above and beyond what is offered at conventional practices.

Nutritional Planning

After evaluating your current diet, Dr. Popp will recommend nutritional modifications and educate you on how to make dietary changes.

Supplemental Review

Dr. Popp bases her herbal and nutritional supplement recommendations on both subjective (what is discussed) and objective (labs, imaging, and diagnostic studies) evidence. Sometimes, there are certain herbs, nutrients or other natural therapies that stand out after an initial discussion that can be implemented right away. Other times, Dr. Popp finds it best to order labs or other outside evaluation before proceeding with extra supplement suggestions.

Lifestyle Modification

Includes exercise and mind-body therapies


If through the course of the initial discussion Dr. Popp finds that you could benefit from an evaluation from a specialist or other healthcare provider, she will provide referral information