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Our Health Programs

We at Katas Health are excited to offer programs to fit your health needs.  Review our offerings and if you have any questions, please contact me.

You can conveniently schedule an appointment by clicking the button and scheduling online.

Trust Me, You Will Feel Like A New Person!

12-Week Health Restoration Program 

This is our foundational program offered at Katas Integrative Health. For your convenience, the program is in the office.

With this program, you will gather a full picture of your biochemistry through our comprehensive wellness panel. This is important in order to be specific to treatment. We will identify any areas that need to be addressed through diet, lifestyle, and nutraceuticals.

At the end of the program, we will rerun your labs to show how far you have come! Option to use follow-up labs cost for any specialty test deemed necessary of equal value: Gut Microbiome, Hormones, Food Sensitivity, Heavy Metal/Toxins.

What You Get

Initial Appointment

Lab Analyzation & Report of Findings

Comprehensive Wellness Panel
50-65 markers

One check-in appointment each week with
Dr. Popp

Follow-up Lab Testing after three months

FREE email educational series, private FB group, and social media presence

Cost of Supplements not included
 An estimated additional cost of $500-$1000
 Supplements fulfilled through our online dispensary with a 15% discount

Words - self care isn't selfish



Your Price: $1,950
4 monthly payments of $525

girl happyp

investment breakdown

Initial Appointment 90 min
Lab Analyzation & Report of Findings 45min

$375 Value

Comprehensive Wellness Panel
50-65 markers

$2,400 Value

One check-in appointment each week with Dr. Popp
$900 Value

Follow-up Lab Testing
$2,400 Value

Make it Complete 

Are you looking to complete your health journey with additional bodywork including chiropractic, acupuncture, and cupping services to your 12-week plan to receive the best results?  Combining bodywork with internal work will speed up your healing and recovery. 

Includes our 12-Week Program

12 Bodywork Treatments

30-minute appointments

Services utilized:

Additional cost: $399
$900 value
Your Price: $2,349

 An estimated additional cost of $500-$1000
Supplements fulfilled through our online dispensary with a 15% discount

collage of health photos

As you review our programs, please feel free to contact our office with questions or to discuss the plans and how they will fit your health journey.

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