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We must remember that our bodies hold onto all of our life experiences and emotions. It is a crucial aspect of treating the whole person. There are three areas where chronic illness stems: chemical, mechanical, and emotional.

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Dr Kaitlyn Popp


My method of healing has evolved with practice and experience. After years of working with patients and discovering that pain is not always mechanical, I began identifying patterns. Certain patients were experiencing pain that would not heal with physical medicine. My method evolved diving deeper into potential underlying causes, looking at internal, biochemical patterns along with emotional burdens and past traumas. Once these areas were addressed, the areas of pain healed!

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of your illness, looking at each system in the body as interconnected. It is a personalized, patient-centered model of care.

I began taking Functional Medicine courses while in school to get my Doctorate of Chiropractic. Weekends were spent learning about autoimmunity, hormones, gut health, neurology, and blood chemistry. I worked in a Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine clinic for 2 years while in school learning on-sight lab analysis and developing connections between physical and internal health. Learning and practicing Functional Medicine is an ongoing process between continuing education and patient experience. My current weekends are still spent learning, while also educating the public. It is a fun and rewarding profession to help people on a deeper level.

I am also a Board-Certified 100-hour Acupuncturist here in Colorado. I was taught Traditional Acupuncture along with adjunct therapies, such as electroacupuncture, dry needling, and Chinese Cupping. Looking at your health from both a Western and Eastern perspective allows a comprehensive approach to treatment.



I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago with 3 older brothers, 30 parrots, a dog, a turtle, and many rabbits. It was the quintessential chaotic family household. I was extremely active in soccer, diving, gymnastics, volleyball, and an ever-growing passion for dance starting at the age of 3. I danced through High School, and it led me to the University of Iowa, where I majored in English and Dance. It was a big part of my life, and this is where my passion for health developed.

Transitioning into college, I had a slew of health issues from joint pain, cystic acne, gut, and hormonal imbalances. I began to see an Eastern Medicine Chiropractor who told me I was allergic to gluten and dairy, and if I didn’t respect my body’s needs, I would end up with inflammatory autoimmunity, Rheumatoid Arthritis. This man blew my mind. I initially fought back because cheese and bread were life! But my symptoms progressed, and I finally listened.

He ultimately was my driving force when entering the medical field. He challenged my beliefs and healed me from the inside out. After graduating and working at the Illinois Appellate Court for 3 years, I went back to school for Naturopathic Medicine. I ended up switching to Chiropractic while in the program so I could practice like a Naturopath while also addressing physical health.

What a great choice I made. Being able to address the whole body both inside and out is a blessing.

I am eternally grateful my path has led me here to help patients like you!

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Acupuncture Board Certified 100-hour
Microneedling for Acupuncturists
DNS Rehabilitation: Levels A, B, and Exercise Course A
Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
Rock Tape FMT



Environmental Medicine
Environmental Health Summit 2019 (Great Plains Laboratory)
Candidate for Diplomat of Clinical Rehabilitation

Midwest Rehabilitation Institute
Candidate for Diplomat of Functional Neurology
Apex Seminars to include:
Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry
Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry
Mastering the Thyroid
Mastering Brain Chemistry
The Gluten, Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Connection
Food Allergies and Sensitivities in the New Millennium
Understanding the Complexity of Gluten Sensitivity
Motion Palpation Institution: Females Full Spine