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Extinguish Inflammation and Prevent the Cause of Chronic Illness. Inflammation is the main culprit behind the chronic illness. Statistically, 75-90% of all doctor visits stem from poor lifestyle choices. It’s these poor lifestyle choices that create inflammation in the body. Understanding the philosophy and underlying cause of inflammation will help you tame the flame that’s plaguing your health.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms you see in this picture, your body is inflamed!

s Symptoms of Inflammation

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The Shape ReClaimed program is supported by decades of clinical experience.  Not only can inflammation and associated symptoms be reduced, but it can also enhance immune function, detox and cleanse and help you release excess weight. It eliminates inflammatory foods and the synergistic combination of ingredients in the SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement, is the water hose to extinguish the flame.

With the help of whole food nutrition and the SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement, this customizable program can help you restore your health and revitalize your life!  Experience total health transformation through new lifestyle habits, a more balanced approach to food, and have the tools necessary for long-term success.

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▪ Lifestyle modification and health restoration
▪ A healthy anti-inflammatory nutritional plan
▪ SHAPE ReClaimed™ Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement
▪ The Complete Patient Guidebook
▪ Consistent monitoring appointments for urine evaluation
▪ Patient education tab at www.shapereclaimed.com
▪ Access to Facebook “OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed™ Support Group”
▪ A safe, affordable and sustainable lifestyle that supports healthy weight

Dr. Popp is a trained Shape ReClaimed licensed practitioner who and can help you discover a healthier life. You will be closely monitored to ensure safety, improve results, and guide you toward long-term health.  Contact our office for a free 15-minute consultation.