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Did you know that over 60% of the population has parasites?
Ah! Nobody likes to hear they have parasites.

The primary goal in a cleanse is to give your body a rest from having to digest and process chemical-laden, heavily processed foods. A cleanse is not a detox. A detox focuses on ridding the body of toxins over a more extended period. A cleanse focuses on eating clean, whole foods while drinking fresh, filtered water for a shorter time. There are many ways to cleanse, such as a juice cleanse, colon cleanse, or bone broth cleanse. There is also a parasite cleanse, which is as essential as all other types.

Parasites can cause internal disruption in the body because of their ability to thrive. These are smart little (or big) critters that do everything in their power to remain undetected by the immune system. Not only do they disrupt normal functions of the body, but they also carry co-infections such as viruses, mold, and Lyme. What does this mean? If you don’t clear the parasites, you remove the co-infections.


Parasites can cause various symptoms that can often overlap with other illnesses making it easy to overlook. The most common symptoms include brain fog, fatigue, skin rashes/eczema, itching (especially around the mouth, nose, ears, and anus), headaches, and teeth grinding/drooling.

Additional Symptoms Include

🔸 Mood disorders, including anxiety and nervousness
🔸 Strong cravings for processed foods
🔸 Anemia or iron deficiency
🔸 Recurring yeast infections
🔸 Food allergies and sensitivities
🔸 Persistent digestive problems (cramping, bloating, gas)
🔸 Hungry all the time
🔸 Sore/stiff joints
🔸 Breathing problems

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Frequently Asked Question

Where do we get parasites?
We contact parasites most commonly from the food we eat, the water we drink, and from traveling. We can also get them from insect bites, walking barefoot, human-to-human contact, pets, and fecal contact.

Where do they live?
Parasites can affect all tissues and organs of the body, from the liver and gallbladder to your sinuses, jaw, and brain. They can cross all tissues and go to the most susceptible areas.

Who does it affect?
Children are the most susceptible, those with compromised immune systems and those who take many medications. But the truth is, everyone is vulnerable to parasite proliferation. If your gut terrain becomes imbalanced, which is extremely common due to the world that we live in, parasites can become opportunistic.

How do I recognize them?
The results are in the toilet. During a parasite cleanse, the herbs in the supplements kill the parasites in different phases of their life cycle, from larvae to the full-grown. About 70% of parasites are too small to see. However, the larger parasites (helminths) are prevalent and are visible when passed.

The Goals of a Parasite Cleanse

Parasite cleansing aims to clean the terrain, not to become “pathogen-free.” We are interconnected with the microbes in our environment. So, the goal isn’t to completely eradicate parasites, viruses, or bacteria. The goal is to create a healthy balance in our microbiome so they don’t become opportunistic. When toxins build up in the body, parasites build up. By eliminating parasites, we are helping to balance the microbiome while building a strong immune system and proper detoxification system.

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Testing for Parasites

Unfortunately, diagnostic lab testing for parasites is complex. Parasites are clever and can hide, meaning they don’t often show up on stool tests. Because of this, practitioners often go off symptoms, case history, assessment forms, and muscle testing for parasites.

Part 2  will focus on what Parasites do to our body. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Parasite Challenge,  contact our office or schedule an appointment online.